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DCL (Dark Castle Lords) Publications have a range of books to suit all tastes and styles. They have fiction and non-fiction books that span the centuries and cover Medieval, Renaissance, Georgian, Regency, Victorian and Contemporary eras.

If you cannot find anything to your taste, please don't despair as they will be adding more titles as soon as they are ready.

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Here are the Submission Guidelines passed on by DCL Publications

DCL Gold Crown Series

We are accepting well-written stories with solid plots, well-developed settings, and characters that are fully developed. Your submitted story should fit into a specific genre and heat level; however, some crossover of genres is allowable and your story must be themed around a castle, manor house or mansion.

General Submissions

We are accepting submissions in all genres. We are accepting well-written stories with solid plots, well-developed settings, and characters that are fully developed. Your submitted story should fit into a specific genre and heat level; however, some crossover of genres is allowable.
We expect all submissions to be as free of mechanical errors in punctuation, grammar, and spelling as possible. We do have editors on staff, but we will not rewrite your story for you.
We do accept previously published works, but we can only accept your out of print works if you hold the exclusive rights. Should we accept your manuscript for publication, we will ask you to provide proof of rights.

Please send your query, synopsis and first three chapters of your manuscript to

Royalty rate is 35% of Gross for single author titles.
All published titles will be in eBook format

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Some of DCL's Publications

'Handsome Devil' by Kate Hofman.

Blurb: Jason's grandfather harrases him from Greece about marrying an old friend's granddaughter. To avoid this, Jason proposes a marriage, in name, to Chiara, his personal assistant. Will they have to consummate the marriage to escape further machinations by his grandfather? Once in Athens, on their honeymoon, they realize just how far the bully will go to rescind their marriage. What can they do to escape him?


'Dreams of a Raven Moon' by Veronica Towers.

Blurb: Nathaniel, Viscount Ravenleigh may be the handsomest man in London for surely he is the most self-centred and arrogant.

Shannon Masters is the shy near sighted young lady caught in the wrong place at the right time. Her fragile self esteem takes a beating when he accuses her of attempting to trap him into a compromise.

When proved wrong, Nathaniel sees himself in less than the usual flattering light and extends himself to make ammends to her.

Can he mend his ways enough to win the love of a myopic young woman who can see plainly into his soul?

'A Heart's Desire' by Mary Alice Pritchard.

Blurb: He knows she is his mate and he's determined to have her. She isn't so sure and is afraid of his power over her. Her heart says yes but her mind says careful. How will she know he's the one for her? She must listen to her heart and let the rest take care of itself.


'Till Death Do Us Part' by Jennifer Mueller.

Blurb: Not all women decide being taken captive by pirates leads to romance even after sharing their bed. Delphine le Vasseur's only thought is of escape. At least until she finds out the truth, that she wasn't supposed to survive the pirate attack on her ship ... then it's time for revenge.


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'Don’t be afraid of the dark, embrace it!'


  1. I've tried a few of their books and I can't imagine them being published. Messy and confusing plots with poor editing. The only decent one was from Kate Hoffman. But what's up with their titles? They don't make sense and they certainly did not match the books. It left me scratching my head to a tune of HUH?? Maybe it won't matter if you get their books for free though. I'm just giving my honest opinion. Late.

  2. Maybe if they concentrated and spend money on their authors instead of their models they'll have better quality books. I also read a free one from them. Something Silver something something. That was flat out horrible and I'm not surprise I can't remember the title. I'm kind of reluctant in purchasing any books from them now even with some good reviews about their books. I dont know if I can rely on the reviews anymore. I understand some places give books a good review due to their connections. From the other blogs about this pub I am very hesitant in getting any of their books. They sound shady. They seem to promote their models more than their authors. Sorry but their models are not all that and I don't understand the obsession about them. Here is an article from another blog about them. I hate to see people being taken advantage of like their authors.

  3. Tisk Tisk Tisk.
    I find it quite humorous that jealousy rears its ugly head in many forms.
    Perhaps there are certain people who should concentrate on living by the golden rule. "Do unto others..."
    Other than a few disgruntled authors that were released from DCL, I have heard nothing but wonderful things about this small epublisher. My dealings with them have been nothing but warm, friendly, and very professional. The books that I’ve read from them were very enjoyable.
    So what if they dote on their models. Does it actually hurt anyone? Good grief, people. This isn’t Jr. High. And let’s face it; it’s these very faces that first lure the readers to the books before anything else.
    I find it amazing that people are willing to spread what they think is important information when it has nothing to do with them. Do these said people really have the time and energy in their day to complain about things that don't even pertain to them when others are searching for a way to add more hours in their day?

  4. DCL Publications have put some excerpts up of some of the books they are giving away on the contest page. Why not judge them for free yourself and make up your own mind about them?