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'Under My Skin' by Jenny Gilliam.

UNDER MY SKIN - Released November 28, 2008
Fallen Angels Reviews (5 Angels)

Ten years ago, Rachel Crowe was beaten, stabbed, and left for dead by her abusive husband. Now she owns a successful coffee shop in Seattle, and while she has not completely put the past behind her, she feels like she has a good life. That is, until she witnesses the murder of her next door neighbor and realizes that she could be the next target.

Alex Williams is a detective in the Seattle police force. His initial meeting of Rachel left each of them with less than favorable impressions of each other, and he is not exactly pleased when he finds that she is the witness to the murder he is investigating. He feels drawn to her, however, and it is not just because of her excellent Americanos. When it becomes clear that Rachel is the murder’s next intended victim, Alex pulls out the stops to keep her safe. Although it may endanger his career, he cannot help but get personally involved.

Both Rachel and Alex have been molded by violence in their pasts, and they are each a little wary of commitment. Will they be able to let go and trust each other and accept each others’ love? This killer is a crafty one. Will Alex and the rest of the police be able to identify and apprehend him before he gets too close to Rachel?

In her novel Under My Skin, Jenny Gilliam gives us a well written, tightly plotted, and constantly suspenseful thriller. This story wastes no time grabbing the reader’s attention, and once hooked, one will find it difficult to put this story down until the conflict has been resolved. In Rachel and Alex, we have two individuals who have been scarred by violence but who are obviously meant for each other. Repartee between them starts out barbed, but as their relationship develops, it becomes affectionate, comfortable, and frequently humorous. Ms. Gilliam has done a great job developing these two characters. Each has a unique internal voice that flows naturally in the story, giving the reader the impression that they know the character. There is plenty of romance in Under My Skin, but the story is not all hearts and flowers – there is plenty of action and violence as well. These elements are in fact quite nicely balanced in the story. Under My Skin is an excellent read and would probably make a very good movie. I know that I would pay to see it.

Reviewed by: Whitney
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'Hibiscus Bay' by Debby Allen.
Review by Rachel Lindley - 5/5 stars.

This was a gorgeous contemporary read with a heroine and hero a reader can follow for days. The hero was especially gorgeous with a sexy accent and an interesting Egyptian background. The story kind of reminded me of a Harlequin Presents in shorter version which I think is it's strength. It's a nice light read that is easy to fall into if you're looking for a great love story with some fabulous characters. I loved the setting where the hero loved to get lost in and the way the characters found solace within each other despite the hurt they received in the past. The beautiful cover, might I add, is spot on for presenting the scenery that is described for the book. A reader may have a hard time identifying with the heroine at first who has a sort of shifty background not usual in romance stories, but still her reluctance to trust again is sympathetic as is the hero's. If this was a series, I'd definitely be interested in checking out the next in line!
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Land of Falling Stars, Keta Diablo
Whipped Cream Erotic Reviews awards 4.5 cherries and selects Land of Falling Stars as Book of Week pick.
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Shootings, rapes, burnings and blood all combine to make Land of Falling Stars not your mother’s Gone With the Wind. The story, set during the Civil War, has Rebels, Yankees and plantations burning down, but that's about all it has in common with my rose-colored glasses view of the time period.I thoroughly enjoyed Land of the Falling Stars and hope to read more of the people of Arbor Rose and Fredericksburg .

* * *
Title: Land of Falling Stars
Author: Keta Diablo
Publisher: Ravenous Romance Original
PublicationBuy Link:

Rating: You Need To Read This Book
The author pens a story that is unlike any other. The characters are introduced as childhood friends who become adults with very complicated life experiences to deal with. The story takes place right after the Civil War when tensions run high on both sides. Emotions are tenuous at best and even more so when old relationships become new relationships. I was torn during the reunion scenes and breathless during the chase scenes. I loved all the substories and the minor characters that were such an integral part of the author's vision. Land of Falling Stars makes you believe in the possibility of retribution and the hope of finding your brass ring in the last place you look.

* * * *
Jennifer's Random Musings Reviews
A 4.5 Star Review

Land of Falling Stars is a fascinating historical about two childhood friends finding love amid heartbreak and danger. In this touching story, childhood friends Jesse and Sophia have been promised to each other in marriage since birth, but the outbreak of the American Civil War has separated them from each other as well as from their best friend Gavin, who chose to fight for the North while Jesse fought for the South. Gavin soon returns with secrets that could and do deeply affect his and Sophia’s relationship once revealed.

While set during the war, the story didn’t get weighed down with events or historical facts as so many historicals set during this time period do. And I enjoyed how rather than focusing on the war, the author put the focus on the relationship and how the war affects it.

* * *
Craves More Romance, 5 Stars and Book Pick of the Week
The Land Of The Falling Stars
By Keta Diablo

War has ravaged Sophia’s home and taken everything dear to her. Even her Fiancé enlisted to fight for the confederate army leaving her alone to await his return. Seeing what the Yankees have done to her beloved home and those she cares about has caused her to be more than ready to defend what little she has left.

An injury is the least of Gavin’s worries. The secret he’s been keeping from Sophia is threatening to tear him apart. Still, Gavin knows that if he risks telling Sophia the truth about her Fiancé he could lose her forever. Unwilling to lose the woman he’s loved for years Gavin sets out to prove to Sophia that he’s been the man for her all along.

The Land Of The Falling Stars is a five star time warp back to civil war era. From the first few pages of her novel I knew that her heroine was one I was going to enjoy following. Sophia reminded me of Scarlett O’Hara in all the right ways. I loved watching her fight for what was important to her and learning the depth of her feelings for Gavin as she learned them herself.

A Celtic Lover's Magic by Lisa Alexander-Griffin
A Celtic Lover’s Magic
By Lisa Alexander-Griffin
Length: Short and sensual
Genre: Paranormal Irish Romance

Liam inherits a run down mansion in the middle of the Irish countryside. Upon his arrival, he realizes everyone has been expecting him and knows his name. A sense of déjà vu hits him in the house, but the most startling of all is the mysterious red haired woman that appeared only to him. After some research he discovers there’s some truth in the old fairy tales and that the sidhe really do exist and one of his long dead ancestors had promised to protect them. If he renews the promise, he will also be granted his heart’s desire.For an author’s debut single title, this was very good. A Celtic Lover’s Magic was an extremely entertaining story, sweeping you into a world where magic does exist and dreams do come true.
Available December 9, 2008 at
4 Stars

"A Celtic Lover's Magic is an entrancing, hypnotic, and sexy read from new author, Lisa Alexander-Griffin. From the very first sentence I was hooked. Ms. Alexander-Griffin is a wonderful new voice in romance."--Renee Knowles

If you love Ireland, fairies, magic and romance then you are in for a treat! A Celtic Lover's Magic follows the tale of Liam Macauley. Liam inherits a mansion from an uncle he's never met. Suspicious and yet curious Liam makes the journey to claim the mansion. In comes Caileaan, a Sidhe whom wishes to claim a husband and who longs for the lover she waits for. Unknown to Liam there is more to the story of the mansion and his legacy. Somewhere in the darkness lurks an ancient enemy, the Fomhoire. Will they stop Liam from claiming love and his rightful place?

I really loved reading this work. Although short, it was a sweet tale to read. I wanted a bit more because I was enjoying it. (Hint Hint to Lisa, is there more coming?) I enjoyed following Liam's character in finding out more about his family and his legacy. Caileaan's character was lovely. I loved her spirit. The dialogue and scenery was descriptive and rich. Wonderful through and through. Check out A Celtic Lover's Magic excerpt below!
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Dust and Moonlight by Keta Diablo

Publisher: Siren Publishing,

You Gotta Read Reviews Says: You Need To Read This Book!Kira Barton swears an oath to the dead girls she will find their killer. What she doesn’t know is that in her pursuit, she will be hurled into the distant past. Balion, Prince of Locke Cress, knows the forest nymph with lavender eyes will come to him. Hasn’t he dreamed of her every night? Keta Diablo has done a wonderful job weaving this tale of mystery, passion and adventure.With characters that are well developed, well rounded individuals the story flows well and you end up rooting for the heroes and booing the bad guys.Of course you toss in a definitely not typical history for the heroine's parents and it makes for a great story. This book was a real pleasure to read.Serial killers, time travel, magic, mayhem, passion, some smoking erotica and a great twist pack the pages of this book to the gills without overwhelming the reader. I have to admit I will be finding and reading everything by Ms Diablo that I can get my hands on. A great read for a long, cold winter night.

The Other Side of You by Debi DeSantis.

May 2008
Cacoethes Publishing House
226 Pages
Contemporary Romance
Coffee Time Romance Reviews - Rating: 5 Cups

Morgan Whitley unknowingly became the other woman when she fell in love with Jason Moore. She met Jason in a London hotel and for the next four years loved him deeply until his untimely death. Through it all, Jason’s best friend, Jack, has stood by her and supported her in her grieving process.
Jack Turner is secretly in love with Morgan and is unsure how to handle his feelings. He has always hated that Jason was too much of a coward to leave his wife and become a true husband to Morgan. Now, he must help two women deal with the aftermath of Jason’s death.

Morgan and Jack will face more than just the fallout of Jason’s death because Morgan soon finds that she is carrying the only hope Jason’s son Keegan has of surviving leukemia. Morgan and Bree, Jason's widow, learn to come to terms with Jason’s deceit and under the watchful eye of Jack, become friends joined by their children from Jason. Jack is patient but soon he must reveal his feelings for Morgan as they are becoming stronger every day.

The author took a unique path in writing this story because the romance really takes second place to the relationship between the mistress and the wife. Although an unusual twist on a love story, it made the book all the more interesting to read. I commend the author on her ability to detail the pain of everyone involved and show that not all women become bitter from betrayal. The Other Side of You is a moving experience and should not be missed.
Delane - Reviewer for Coffee Time Romance and More
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'Mistletoe and Ouzo Kisses' by Debby Allen.

'The Long and Short of it Reviews:

The office Christmas party can be a recipe for disaster! Free wine at the latest work festivities has left lovely Leah Stamford in the dark… especially about that night and a certain Marcus Savakis. Still, she can brush off office gossip...or can she?

It seems this office party kicked off events she never remembered agreeing to. Complicating issues is the inescapable memory lapse, the incriminating tie on her bed, and Marcus, himself. Marcus–cheerful, flippant, handsome and more notably, a co-worker. Is he as good as his word...or is he manipulating her? As soon as she swears off wine forever, there he is, insisting on buying her another. And, what to do about the holidays now? Leah is faced with a conundrum, and the pressure of all the giggly girls in the office doesn’t help. Oh decisions; leap into the big, traditionally Greek Christmas via Marcus' invitation-–or celebrate the holidays most thoroughly alone? Are you kidding? Manipulative or not, you’ll be jumping up and down as she packs her bags--and that is barely the beginning! Never mind the Athenian skyline, the hot mulled cider, the glitter off the wave tops; the whole, mesmerizing Mediterranean world...Because this holiday adventure has barely gotten started! I am desperately censoring myself here, as there is so much more I’d like to mention, but the revelations are half the fun. Do read!

4.5 books for this completely charming Christmas romance. Allen got this recipe just perfect: Wonderful characters, delightful descriptions, and exactly the right amount of mistletoe!!
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His Captive Lady
Carol Townend
Harlequin Mills & Boon
Paperback 281 pages

Saewulf Bader is half Saxon, half Norman but he has given his loyalty to his Norman overlord, hoping to be made a knight and given land for his service. Asked to spy on the Saxons, who are his mother’s people, Wulf cannot help feeling a little guilty. When he sees the beautiful Lady Erica being threatened with a terrible retribution because of a bloodfeud, Wulf neglects his duty to save her. At first Erica does not want to be saved by a man she believes may be a Saxon bastard, but Wulf’s kindness and care for her win her heart.

However, once she discovers that he is a hated Norman there can be nothing more between them, even if she were to overlook his low birth. Is there any way in which the barriers between them can be overcome and will Wulf ever attain his ambition to be a knight.

This is a beautiful love story set in times that were extremely important for England and led to the laws and the country we know today. Well researched and written this book was entertaining to the last. This talented author has produced a book that deserves to be recognised. Five red roses, Linda Sole
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Decadent Deceptions by Keta Diablo

Noble Romance,
Four Stars:
Manic Readers Review
I’ve only recently started reading erotic romance novels and this novel has really convinced me it’s a genre I'll need to read more of. Keta Diablo has delivered an erotic and passionate historical romance filled with exciting and suspenseful scenes that kept me turning the pages.

Olivia is a wonderfully independent and stubborn female character, especially for the times, although she is an impulsive woman when it comes to getting Morgan to love her. Olivia was a perfect match for Morgan because he's also an independent and stubborn male character who doesn’t really care for what others say about him. He's passionate about Olivia and though their personalities sometimes clash, that doesn’t stop the love they share for one another.
I enjoyed reading all the naughty things Olivia does in order to get Morgan’s attention and confession that he loves her madly. In turn, Morgan tries everything in his power to salvage Olivia’s reputation after she tells him of her outrageous plans to get a husband. Olivia's brother, Cain, and her best friend and soon-to-be sister-in-law, Lark, are secondary characters that I also enjoyed reading about. They really contributed to Olivia and Morgan getting to together to become an officially married couple finally.
Decadent Deceptions is one novel I will be putting on my keeper shelf and reading again and again.

* * * * *
Nightowl Romance Review

Decadent DeceptionsFour Stars Furious over her father’s will, Olivia Breedlove derives a plan with hopes to make the one man she has longed for to take a chance on her love. Morgan Gatewood is a family friend and has fought his desires for Olivia for many years. His reputation as a womanizer and her father kept them apart many years ago. Now her latest scheme is sure to test his restraints with an overwhelming desire that sizzles between them.
Olivia talks him into bringing her to a house of ill repute so she can observe the sexual delights she needs to find for the type of husband that will make her happy. Ultimately, she wants to entice Morgan into admitting his feelings for her and get past the propriety that has kept him away from her. Can they overcome the proper society rules and her father’s will to find a future together? Can Olivia accept the passion and emotions Morgan arouses in her?Keta Diablo has penned a great historical romance with sizzling erotic appeal. Olivia and Morgan are characters that test the boundaries of their emotions as their romance takes you down a path of decadence. Not only do we get a sensual romance but also woven within the sexual tension is a subplot where murder and danger pulls you into a tangled web of intrigue. Decadent Deceptions is a great novel and I enjoyed the steam that came with this red-hot read.

Where The Rain Is Made Receives TOP Rating!
Where the Rain Is Made
K. Celeste Bryan
Ethan Gray wakes up after spending three very uncomfortable nights in a jail cell. A bar fight in a little town in Montana left him bruised and sore, and he must face the judge in the morning. As Ethan tries to find a comfortable position on his narrow cot, the sheriff brings over a visitor. Stands-In-Light, the Cheyenne medicine woman, is standing in front of Ethan’s cell, letting him know that, once again, the Sacred Council of Arrows needs his services. He has made a vow to do all he can to help his people, so Ethan transforms into a raven and makes his escape.

Ethan stands before the Sacred Council and realizes his next journey will be quite dangerous, possibly fatal for him and thousands of the People. He accepts the danger but has no idea his fleeting vision of “a woman with hair the color of the magpie and eyes greener than pine needles” will change his life forever.

This story was interesting. I was impressed with the way K. Celeste Bryan portrayed the different aspects of Ethan’s character during his time with the Cheyenne. I felt the characters were well developed and realistic, and although this was a violent time in our history, the violence did not overwhelm the storyline. It was merely a part of the story, as common as clothing styles or food preparation.

I liked Where The Rain Is Made very much. The historical aspects were interesting and provided a different viewpoint than our high school history books. I could picture the villages, the people, and Ethan’s transformations from the descriptions. I highly recommend this story to all who entertain the possibility of time travel.

Book Stats:
• Paperback: 316 pages
• Publisher: The Wild Rose Press
• ISBN-10: 1601543719 - (E-book)
• ISBN-13: 978-1601543714 (Print)
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'Emerald Twilight'
by Celia Ashley.
"The heart pounding intensity of this story is sure to please...

The raw emotions of the characters fill the story with depth and feeling...

a fantastic read..."

Four Cups

Reviewed by Lototy, reviewer for Coffee Time Romance and for Karen Find Out About New Books
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Well Done The Lady Says!
Ann B. Keller, multi-published author, read and reviewed Sojourn With A Stranger.
By K. Celeste Bryan
A tragic accident at sea leaves beautiful Raine Brinsley an orphan. Alone, apparently penniless, without the cost of passage to return home, she accepts employment in the household of Derek Stafford, the wealthy owner of the ship partly responsible for her parents’ deaths. Derek is attracted by Raine’s magnificent emerald eyes, fiery red hair and delectable body from the moment she sets foot on his property. In her, he sees an opportunity not only to hasten her return to her Scottish grandfather in Maine, but also the chance to provide him with an all important male heir. They come to an arrangement, thus setting into motion a devilish plot of treachery, deceit and death.

Lyman Stafford, Derek’s brother, did away with Derek’s first wife before she could produce a young heir who might interfere with his inheritance. Somewhat reassured by Lucinda’s demise, Lyman is horrified to learn of Derek’s agreement to sire a male heir upon a mere servant.

As her grandfather races to bring Raine home, she falls gravely ill. However, Raine is not alone. The ghostly apparition of Lucinda, Derek’s first wife, appears again and again throughout the novel, finally rising up against Lyman Stafford himself, the man responsible for her own death.

This is a wonderful paranormal romance, which quickly picked up speed as the story progressed. The spiritual undercurrents in the novel were interwoven into the plot with the skill of a great Scottish author. Will Lucinda find her revenge? Will the young lovers be reunited in triumph and love? Ah, but what kind of Scot would I be if I told ye the end afore ye gazed upon the first page?
We Scots are rather in tune with the paranormal anyway. It's in our natures! I enjoyed reading Sojourn, Kat. I was hooked the moment I saw the cover, but you got me by the second page.

Well done!


ISBN#: Unavailable
February 2009
Wild Horse Press
343 pages
Paranormal Romance

Rating: 4 Cups from Coffee Time Romance
Lucien D’ Angel, a.k.a Luke Angeles, is a bestselling author and renowned paranormal investigator. He hosts a show called ‘Those Among Us.’ What people do not know is, the curse he has carried for almost four centuries.
Evangeline Keegan, Eva, has a name meaning messenger of angels and fire. At the age of seven, she ran away from home only to find Lucien, who took her under his wings, until she was grown and on her own.
There are age old tales concerning the existence of Lucien, unspoken and dark. He believes humans to be fickle creatures and tries to abstain from any human contact. Then she comes into his life and things shift for him. Right after journalism school, Eva took a job at Station 12. After interviewing Luke Angeles, she believes there is something unusual about him. She plans to see if he falsified his identity. As Eva tracks down Luke and questions him, she is shocked he knows private things about her. He wishes to open her memory to the past. It will only take one to claim his soul and release the curse Lucien holds. Will Eva be the one that can finally make his heart beat?
I must admit Angel’s Fire, Demon’s blood was a fascinating tale. The impressive writing, and the fresh voice of Tamela Quijas, sends this reader on a stroll into centuries of a man who holds deep compassion but is unable to release his true feelings. Lucien tore at my heartstrings. I could feel his sorrow and wanted to reach out to him, pulling him into safety. He and Eva have a strong bond, practically sharing it with the reader in this stirring paranormal read. Great characterization, and a blend of strong elements, makes this story a wonderful journey into time.
Reviewer for Coffee Time Romance & More
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