Monday, 5 January 2009

AUTHOR INTERVIEW - Sapphire Phelan

1. Hi, Sapphire. What made you become a writer?

I always loved making up stories, even since I was eight years old. I loved reading and I loved making up tales.

2 Is there another author who you admire, and why?

I admire a lot of writers. Like Ray Bradbury, Victoria Holt, Anne McCaffrey, Madeleine L’Engle, Shirley Jackson. All of them captivated me with their stories since I was young adult.

3. What’s your favourite genre to write about?

Paranormal and urban fantasy romance.

4. Tell us about your latest book release.

Being Familiar With a Witch is an erotic urban fantasy, published by Phaze Books. Here’s the blurb: Tina doesn't know she's a witch. It will take Charun, her demon Familiar, to convince her to make love with him and let loose her witch powers. For if she doesn't, then with the demon army about to bring Armageddon to the Mortal Realm on Halloween, she won't stand a chance in Hell.

5. What other books have you written?

Beast Magic, Crimson Promise and I have a short sensual fantasy romance story in Coming Together: Under Fire—all from Phaze Books, a sensual medieval fantasy short, Wedded Magic, from, and stories in all three Forbidden Love anthologies and the erotic Lovecraftian horror novella, Unwitting Sacrifice, published by Under the Moon.

6. Are there any reviews you would like to share with us?

Night Owl Romance Book Reviews
Being Familiar With a Witch
Author: Sapphire Phelan (Author Website)
Genre(s): Erotic Romance - Paranormal
Review Date: 3/4/2009
ISBN: 978-1-60659-118-5
Print Book Price:
E-Book Price: $5.00
Phaze -(Website)

SCORE: 4.5 / 5

Charun was an Incubus of hell, but given the chance to become a familiar in order to help a potential witch come into her own was enough to have him change his ways. After spending a couple centuries either in his room or fighting other demons because of his change, he knows it cannot be long now until it is time to meet his witch. Upon looking into the human realm he decides to visit and see what has happened in the years he has been gone. Soon it is going to be time to go to his witch.

Tina cannot believe her luck, boys won't date her and the one time it looked like she might finally get deflowered the boy ends up with his zipper stuck on that important part of his anatomy. Now at 21 she is living alone and working in a bookstore. After one horrible day, where everyone seemed to complain about everything, she goes out into a bad rainstorm and almost hits a cat. Letting the cat into her car and then into her house, she has no idea just who she has actually let in.

Will Charun be able to help his witch Tina stop Armageddon from happening this time around, or will this time be the end of the world?

Being Familiar with a Witch was a wild ride from start to finish. It kept me ensnared from the moment I started to read it. I cannot believe how it ends, it will keep you in shock and wondering just what is going to happen next.

Sapphire Phelan is a wonderful author and I’m looking forward to finding more by her soon. I just know that you enjoy Being Familiar with a Witch as much as I did.

7. Where do you hope to be in ten years time, regarding your writing career?

Still writing, maybe even have a book from a NYC publisher besides the ones I am writing for now. Hopefully a best selling author.

8. Who’s your ideal hero?

Someone like Charun in Being Familiar With a Witch, because he learns to change because he falls in love with Tina, his witch.

9. And who’s your ideal heroine?

Tina. Because she is willing to give all for Charun and willing to stop Hell from harming the mortal realm she lives in.

10. Thank you, Sapphire, for sharing your time with us. Where can we find out more information about you?

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