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On May 1st, The Wild Rose Press celebrate their 3rd birthday (HAPPY BIRTHDAY TWRP!) When Lisa Dawn, marketing director of The Wild Rose Press, sent along this massive list of April releases to me, it was clear to see how well they have progressed over the years. So instead of searching for a cover that catches your eye, why not glance to see if your favourite Wild Rose Press author has a new release this month by checking out this list.

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April Releases The Wild Rose Press

April 1
The Making Of A Country Doctor by Patrice Moore - Champagne rosebud
Troubled Hearts by Donna Hatch - English Tea Rosette
The Lupine Connection by Rae Monet - Black miniature rose

April 3
Ready To Take A Chance Again by Rita Oberlies - Champagne Rose
The Ghost Downstairs by Molly Ringle - Faery Rose
An April To Remember by Lauri Robinson - American Rose
Color Of Dreams by Tia Dani - Faery Rosebud
Forbidden Eternity [Time Guardians] by Skhye Moncrief - Black Rose

April 8
Movin' Up With J.J. by Kim Sheard - Sweetheart rosebud
Love At First Flight by Beth Shriver - Climbing rosebud

April 10
Nuclear Ambitions by R. N. Novey - Crimson Rose
Time And Again by Nancy Fraser - Faery Rose
Something About Her [Willoughby Family Series by Jeannie Ruesch – English Tea Rose

April 15
Renaissance Woman by Anne Clayre Mason - Faery rosebud
Love Me, Love My Sweetcheeks by Carrie Destler - Champagne rosette
Somewhere in North Africa by Lindsay Downs - Vintage Miniature

April 17
High Lonesome by Stacey Coverstone - Yellow Rosebud
Cast A Pale Shadow by Barbara Scott - Crimson Rose
Blind Sight by Susan Shay - Faery Rose

April 22
Courting His Royal Highness by Amy Hahn - Champagne rosebud
I Was A Teenage Alien by Jane Greenhill – Climbing rosebud
A Conqueror's Destiny by Scarlett Sanderson - Faery minirose

April 24
The Trouble With Playboys by Margaret Tanner - Vintage Rose
Kill Me Later by Peggy Parsons - Crimson Rose
Noble Blood by Linda J. Parisi - Black Rose
For The Love Of A Queen by Laura Hogg - Faery Rose

April 29
With Love, King Henry VIII by Helen Pilz - English Tea Rosebud
Men of Paradise by Kathleen O'Connor – Last Rose Of Summer rosebud
A Virtual Cat-astrophe by Reece Herring - Faery Rosette

April Releases From The Wilder Roses (Erotic Romance)

April 3
Love in a Box by Eliza Knight

April 8
Saje by Deborah J. Panger

April 10
Passion In Paris in Helen Hardt

April 17
Long Hot Summer by Annick Claire

April 24
Destined To Mate - C. A. Salo

April Releases from White Rose Publishing (Inspirational Romance)

April 3
Fatima's Fate by Dana Sudboro - Minirose

April 9
Under the 5th Street Bridge [Easter Lilies] by Carla Rossi

April 10
Wildflower in Bloom [Easter Lilies] Janelle Ashley

April 11
By Another Name [Easter Lilies] Ashley Elizabeth Ludwig

April 17
Teacher's Plans by JoAnn Carter

April 24
Dreams Do Come True by E.A. West

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