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This month I have big surprise for all you ladies. Instead of just a quick blog about the Hottie of the Month, I figured we would start 2009 off on the right track. So this month, I bring you an interview with Mr. Romance 2008, Chris Winters. I hope you enjoy the interview, because I had a blast doing it. So without further ado, here’s Chris.

Buffie: Chris, thank you so much for being with us. Everyone here at Romance Novel TV is very excited to have you with us today. I must tell you that you have the honor of being our very first interview for the Hottie of the Month blog.

Chris: Thanks! I appreciate it! Anytime! Sorry for being late, I had a few things been going on since I have moved to Los Angeles. So — spank me later! (laughs)

Buffie: Ahem, Chris dear, we can discuss spanking later. In private Now, on to the questions. Can you tell us briefly how you became a contestant in the 2008 Mr. Romance contest?

Chris: Well, there was a friend named Lisa Torres who actually introduced me to the whole scene. I did a trailer for Christine Feehan and Circle of Seven Productions was the one who did it. Soon thereafter, I had a whole team of people wanting me to try out for Mr. Romance. That team consisted of the Feehan family, Lisa Torres, Rose and Anthony Germano of A&R Photography, along with Crossing Realms LLC. I am pretty sure I’m leaving out some other names, but it was quite fun and the support was wonderful. I actually lost the first Mr. Romance competition to Jason Santiago, but the next year I was sponsored again by Christine Feehan and Between Your Sheets. Along with that, my old posse, Crossing Realms, A&R photography, and a truck ton of people climbed aboard to support me. They were so glad I won. I gave out so many hugs and kisses before and after the competition. So, I got the “He’s the hugger” name. (laughs)

Buffie: Well, there sure isn’t anything wrong with being known as a hugger. I know I am. How did it feel to win the competition?

Chris: I was, basically, shocked. I didn’t think I was going to win. Actually, I experienced a lot of stress from working so much. You had to mingle, meet so many people, hear about different stories, hang out really late (which is hard for me), and then practice for a show at the end of the week. I signed a bunch of autographs, and gave out lots of hugs and kisses. The hugging part was great. And seeing older friends was super fun!

Buffie: How many romance novel covers have you done so far?

Chris: It is quite funny, I have not done any, except for ‘Mistletoe and Ouzo Kisses’ by Debby Allen. It is from The Wild Rose Press. Debby Allen was specific in what she wanted and when I did the cover image, it turned out fabtastic! Wonderful romance at its best!

Buffie: Can you tell us which books the covers are for?

Chris: Mostly romance novels, however, my wonderful friend, Cindy Holby, aka, Colby Hodge, does some nifty difty science fiction! As far as doing one from the Mr. Romance competition, Dorchester will pick the one they think will be best. Currently since I have moved and went through some personal issues, it’s been hard to get a time to go to New York to shoot.

Buffie: Have you ever read a romance novel before? If so, which one?

Chris: I’ve read Christine Feehans’ Dark Celebration because I wanted to get a feel of the character. This was done AFTER I did the book trailer. Wonderfully, I happen to hit the character dead on! The story was great! Christine is not only a great friend, who also ‘adopted’ me in her family, but she is talented and the sweetest thing in the world! Cindy Holby wrote a book which I researched the character I portrayed in the competition, I was amazed at the story and the way she wrote. In her story, Star Shadows, it had a touch of everything, science fiction, romance, and suspense. I plan on reading Mistletoe and Ouzo Kisses by Debbie Allen. There are a few more I want to read, because the thrill of it all, and not to mention from some fans, they have expressed so many excited feelings in reading one.

Buffie: Have you been surprised by the response the romance community has given to you?

Chris: Most people who contacted me, I became friends with. I learned a lot from the romance community, in fact, it has changed my life for the better. I learned a few things from both readers and writers. Those things I have incorporated in my life one way of the other. Women, or men, want real lovers. Real partners. Real people who look at them as a human being. Caring, thoughtfulness. A touch or a simple “hello, I was thinking of you…” in a phone conversation. Life and love means friendship forever, not just for a while. It’s hard to keep in touch with everybody, yes, but I try my best whenever possible.

Buffie: Since this is a romance site we just have to ask . . . what is the most romantic thing you have done for someone?

Chris: The most romantic thing I’ve done, so far? I made someone smile and feel like they can be themselves. They told me that, and it was something they have always wanted to experience. That makes me feel proud to enable someone to have that freedom. That in turn, makes me truly happy.

Buffie: Well, that sure sounds darn sweet to me! What is one interesting fact about you that we would be surprised to learn (other than you are a master at computer programming)?

Chris: I am a horrible person when it comes to a schedule. No wait… people at Crossing Realms know that one. Hmmmm, a horrible Texas Hold ‘Em player? Wait… no, Christine can vouch for that one… Hmmm. I would say… sometimes I suffer from internal depression. That, my dear could be shocking! However, I smile to disable that.

Buffie: Even though we have only communicated via email, I have quickly gathered that you have quite a wit about you. Honestly, you had me giggling at my computer late into the night. Have you always been funny? Were you the class clown in school?

Chris: I am -always- a class clown. I am quite funny indeed. Actually, it kind of made some people mad at the competition, because I was called ‘Zoolander’ by one person. They also said, “Why does Mr. Romance have to be so funny?” My response was, as I squinted my eyes and licked my lips in a seductive way, “Women love a man who can make them laugh. Not some boring person who sits there, looking like arm candy with no brains. It is scientifically proven; women love a man; who listens, and talks. Not about him, but in a way that makes a woman, smile… or giggle, the least… little bit.”

Buffie: Chris, you are so right about that! I know that you have done quite a bit of acting, including television and film. If you were able to work with any actor, who would it be and why?

Chris: Keanu Reeves. I will one day. You’ll see. I think he’s a good actor, and I like the way he stayed out of public eye.

Buffie: Chris, I have no doubt you will achieve this goal. Now it’s time for the Speed Round. These questions only required short and sweet answers.

Buffie: Last movie you saw?

Chris: Bolt! LOVED IT! Wait! Let me get my ball!

Buffie: Last book you read?

Chris: The Bible. Psalms.

Buffie: What couldn’t you survive without — your cell phone or your laptop?

Chris: Lappy.

Buffie:Favorite snack food?

Chris:Kit Kat! Oh –Gawd!

Buffie:Favorite vacation spot?

Chris:Home, Xbox 360, with ice cream, and a date!

Buffie:Blondes, brunettes, or redheads?

Chris:Although it doesn’t really, matter, I love a brunette.

Buffie:(And no ladies, I didn’t pay Chris to say brunette. In fact, he didn’t even know that I’m a brunette!)

Buffie: Thanks again for joining us today Chris. I wish you much success in your personal and professional endeavors. And I hope that one day we will meet.

To view the video trailer of Christine Feehan's book, Dark Celebration, click the link below:

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